The Sweet Pea Grow-A-Long 2022

Sweet Pea Grow-A-Long


It’s not too late to sow your Sweet Peas! ⁠

Sweet Peas are my absolute most favourite flower and I cannot begin to imagine a summer without them wafting their beautiful fragrance around the garden or in vases in my home. They really are a flower that keeps on giving through the whole of the summer and are so simple to grow. ⁠

To celebrate my love for the Sweet Pea, we put together The Peaceful Potager Sweet Pea blend, which contains all our favourite varieties and is full of fragrance. ⁠

To bring a little bit of colour and joy to a world that at the moment seems so dark and scary, we would like to get as many people as possible growing sweet peas this summer.

All you need to join our Grow-A-Long are:

  • Sweet Pea seeds
  • Growing container(s)
  • Potting compost⁠

Why not join us in a grow-a-long and grow your own Sweet Peas this year. We would love to see what you are growing, so Tag us in your photos and we will share our favourites! ⁠

Our Peaceful Potager Blend Sweet Pea seeds are available from our online shop and can also be purchased as part of our Grow-Your-Own Gift Sets

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